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GOLD Level (All Fundamentals+)

  • 60 Sequential-Learning Modules ($804 value)
  • 12 Bonus Modules ($180 value)
  • Private Community ($210 value)
  • Q&A Comment Sections ($170 value)
  • Monthly + Traning ($240 value and growing)
  • Live, Online Group classes and Performances ($120 value)
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"For me, playing the flute is a lifelong dream come true and finding Rebecca's course was a Godsend." Myra Graham

"I am advancing very quickly. I can't thank you enough for making this available to the general public. I look forward to learning even more.  

My goal is to be able to relax on my patio overlooking my orchard and play songs to entertain myself, my wife, and guests." Clifford J.

"I’ve had huge improvements since starting these lessons. Thanks for all your great instruction and am looking forward to getting better and better! Playing flute in jazz band is really fun now." Richard Bagdazian

Wishing you could play the flute better but you wonder...

Can I really do it?

Am I starting too late?

Where should I start?

Will it be fun?

Will it be convenient?

Will it take too long to get good enough?

  • Get the BEST lesson resources to help you make AMAZING PROGRESS on your flute.
  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know A to Z.
  • Enjoy this education from home... even in your pajamas!
  • Become a real musician who can play anything!

Wipe your doubts out in an instant knowing that:

Learn Flute Online includes it all! - a real functioning Online Flute Studio

You DON'T need:

  • A fancy or expensive flute
  • To know everything before coming in
  • Tons of time to learn
  • Books and piles of sheet music
  • Someone looking over your shoulder every day

This system is HIGHLY effective.. and FUN for YOU.

I took ALL of my high-level flute-teaching knowledge and put it into a 

broken-down step-by-step system... for ALL Levels.

  • No need to travel to a live teacher each week. ($ and time)
  • No need to even get out of your pajamas if you don't want to! (happy thoughts)  
  • Low cost, High return (ahhhh, finally)
  • Positive Environment (motivating)
  • YOUR Schedule, YOUR Pace (just the way you like it)
  • Simple Steps to follow (can you push play on a video? - great! you can do this)
  • No Boring Stuff here! (something new around every corner)

I learned and created a step-by-step system that builds a real foundation for flute playing..

I created the learning jackpot.. from a lot of traveling, $$$$, and hard work, I designed an easier system to help others cut the learning time of playing the flute well.

I have been a professional flutist and instructor for 32 years. I have studied with the best teachers around the world and kept an advanced teaching studio for those of all ages (3 yrs. - 93 yrs.) ALL stages of development. 

They all have needed my systematic guidance.

Using my structure, I've been able to lead thousands to the flute-success they are looking for. (National Contest Winners and Community Band participants alike)

-Which means I've been able to ENJOY music fully and help others enhance and enrich their lives as well.. without them worrying about what to do next!

Learn Flute Online is the framework to your musical success!

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A transformational experience that creates results

What's Included?

  • Organized step-by-step modules that help you craft your skill:

>>Short, in-depth Video tutorials, mp3 accompaniments (YOUR level), progress charts, printable sheet music (or save them in a digital file), skills checklists

  • Q&A Section in each module:

>> So you can ask your questions, read and watch others' progress, and get help directly from ME as well.. Keeps it all organized in skill level.

  • LIVE additional, consistent training and a supportive community:

>>Wonder how we do this? Join us and see. No need to be techy. I'll show you!

Keep reading.. there's more..

Don't put this off any more..

Fulfill your dream of playing the flute well.

I have the A to Z system that will build your foundation, keep you motivated, and enrich your life!

No bouncing from skill to skill here - you will move stepwise through the learning process to Higher Level SUCCESS.

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What will I learn in these "Levels"?

It's the perfect combination of all the skills you need to play the flute well and the melodies you love.

When you learn the skills you need to determine your success..

You'll move from a foundational level into a polished artist. (who can play anything!)

  • Technique
  • Musical Flow
  • Repertoire
  • Application

You Get: Videos, PDF Sheet Music, Mp3 Accompaniments, a Community of Active Learners, a Positive Learning Environment, and ... ME!

Take a TOUR of the Members Area:

Is this program right for me?

Learn Flute Online was designed for those who resonate with any of the following:

  • Want to improve QUICKLY and gain the skills to play beautifully on the tunes YOU love?

Perfect. You're in the right place.

  • You may have learned how to play before... but want higher level skills NOW?

Great!! Now it's time to tweak / add to it so you can play *anything-fancy-thing you want.  

  • Is "Really-Good-at-Flute" on your bucket list?

No time to waste then. That flute can't play itself!

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Erin Rauch

"Your lessons give me the desire and confidence to work on these pieces and really try to do them justice. This is all such good material!" -Erin Rauch

"This way of playing has woke something up in me.. LOL now, I'm beginning to get it.. and hungry for more. .. a very good place to be." -Jim Shea

"I have been wanting to learn again for years. In March I bought a new flute. I will never stop playing again. 

These modules are amazing. Thank you for making it fun, and challenging to learn. My goal is to be the best flute player that I can possibly be!" -Elaine Rinne

"I have learned more tips and idea to sound better than from any of my four previous flute teachers. 

Just the last extra practice on tonguing, and progression skills ... was worth a million!"  

-Anne-Marie Wiboltt

"I couldn’t be happier with my experience as your student….from 2 time-zones away as well. " Gary Dufresne

"I am getting addicted. I don't like going a day without playing now. I Love this style and approach!" Nicole B.

Join a like-minded POSITIVE learning environment!





Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this course self-paced?

A. YES. All published modules are available for you right now. Go-at-your-own-pace.

Q. If I enroll through the monthly payment option, will I have the same access as the annual option membership?  

A. YES. (and you can upgrade from Monthly to Annual at this same pricing later)

Q. I'm a returning flute player who needs to brush up skills and get more advanced. Where should I start?

A. Starting at the very beginning is a great way to make sure you haven't missed any crucial flute skills. The order is: Silver-Gold-Intermediate-Advanced. You can move as quickly as you'd like through the videos. Bouncing around causes gaps... mind the gaps. :)

Q. Is there a limit on how many learning videos I can watch each day/week/month?

A. No Limt. You will have 24/7 access to all Gold Level modules and videos with this membership.

Q. What if I get stuck? Can I get my individual or specific questions answered after joining the membership?

A. You Betcha! *There's a question/comment section inside each module*, email me directly, ask during a live group Q&A class. I'm there regularly to support members. I also have a small support team who will take care of thing ASAP.

Q. If I sign up for the monthly membership tuition payment, does it automatically cancel after a certain date?

A. It does not cancel until you do.This membership is designed to continue for your flute-learning convenience. In the unlikely event that you need to cease your membership, you may cancel at any time. Just email me, and I (or my team) will take care of it quickly. 

Q. Does the monthly payment recur at the beginning of the month, or on the same date I signed up?

A. This payment will automatically fund every 30 days after the initial payment date.

Q. What will I learn during these "Levels"?

A. There are 4 Levels filled with sequential learning modules with music from all corners of the Earth-

Package 1: Silver/Gold

Silver Level- The verrrry beginning (starting out right and getting the first notes and sounds)

Gold Level- The Fundamentals of great flute playing (up to a Mozart German Dance using all 3 octaves)

Package 2: Intermediate/Advanced - must be on the waiting list to receive an invite into this level.

*All skills are detailed in the videos lessons with practice sections and fun pieces to play with accompaniment at varying tempos. Your confidence will grow with each lesson. You can watch and re-watch as many times as you wish.

Q. How long will it take me to complete these Levels?

A. Well.. I'm still adding to it! And, not knowing what knowledge you previously have, or how much time you'll be spending on learning and working on the skills presented, I can't really guess. Members allow their membership to renew as they enjoy years of improvement and fun!

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"I regret not having kept up the skill (started years ago in junior high band), and have bought myself a new flute and want to give it a try again. 

I have had so much fun so far! So happy."

Karen Tancock

"Thank you for these great learning modules!! It has been a fun and great experience to learn my flute lessons from you - be proud that I am learning all my basics + from you. 

Looking forward to more! 

- Carlos

Choose your best option below:

GOLD Level (All Fundamentals+)

  • 60 Sequential-Learning Modules ($804 value)
  • 12 Bonus Modules ($180 value)
  • Private Community ($210 value)
  • Q&A Comment Sections ($170 value)
  • Monthly + Traning ($240 value and growing)
  • Live, Online Group classes and Performances ($120 value)
  • 24/7 Access ($ priceless) 

---- $2,240 of education at your fingertips

*Monthly option available. Choose annual option for big, additional savings

Choose your favorite option below:



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Cancel anytime before your next billing period. 30 day money back guarantee.